Psycho-Educational Testing

In the event that a comprehensive assessment is recommended and you elect to continue, Dr. Levy will work with you to develop an individualized assessment protocol based on the types of behaviors that have been observed. Elements of a comprehensive protocol may include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Caregiver interview
  • Child interview
  • School Observation
  • Teacher/daycare provider interview 
  • Standardized child assessment tools 
  • Standardized assessment of intellectual abilities
  • Standardized assessment of academic abilities 
  • Standardized assessment of fine and gross motor
  • Assessment of visual processing
  • Assessment of auditory processing
  • Assessment of working memory (both visual and auditory)
  • Assessment of executive functioning
  • Assessment of visual-motor functioning
  • Assessment of sensory processing
  • Assessment of self-regulation
  • Parent rating scales
  • Teacher rating scales

In all aspects of her evaluations, Dr. Levy is committed to providing families with the most current research-based care available. She will collaborate closely with you to achieve peace of mind.


Dr. Beth Levy