SENG Parent Support Group

Beth Levy, Ph.D. and Lindsay Henry, MAT, MA Present

Guided Discussion Group for Parents of Gifted/Talented Students (Series of 10 Sessions)

Cost: $550.00

Session Topics:

1. Characteristics

2. Communication and Relationships

3. Motivation and Underachievement

4. Discipline and Self-Management

5. Intensity, Perfectionism, and Stress

6. Idealism, Unhappiness, and Depression 7. Acquaintances, Friends, and Peers

8. Relationships: Siblings and Only Children 9. Values, Traditions, and Uniqueness 10.Successful Parenting


•Establish an environment in which parents of talented children can receive support,

guidance, and professional advice through discussion with other parents and trained


•Develop parenting skills to nurture the self-concept and emotional development of

talented children and their families.

How to Register:

Contact Dr. Beth Levy at and complete the contact form online. 

Dr. Beth Levy